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Chancery Lane Underground Station

Chancery Lane is a London Underground station in Holborn in Central London, in the ward of Farringdon Without in the City of London. It opened in 1900 and takes its name from the nearby Chancery Lane. The station was opened by the Central London Railway (CLR) on 30 July 1900. The current station entrance is … Continue reading Chancery Lane Underground Station

The Bigamist Mechanic

Fred Greenhagen (alias Pat Yonkers, Barney Greenhagen) was sent to Leavenworth Penitentiary on August 27 1929 for a dyer act and was sentenced to 1 year and 1 day. He pleaded guilty of the crime unlawfully transporting and causing to be transported in interests commerce a certain stolen automobile. He was a mechanic by trade, … Continue reading The Bigamist Mechanic

The Cudjo Men

King Cudjo was imprisoned for larceny on September 7 1895 for a term of 3 years. His occupation was a farmer. Anderson (Sunday/Sandy) Cudjo a Seminole Indian, was imprisoned for murder in 1899, and was sentenced to 10 years and fined $1. He was a labourer. He committed many violations while he served his time, … Continue reading The Cudjo Men

Sarah Anne Swann – Child murderer

Sarah Ann Swann, 25, was indicted for the willful murder of her newborn child. The prisoner had been a domestic servant to Mr Gould, a licensed victualler. On the 22 November 1880 she was under notice to leave her duties. Early on that morning she complained of illness and a medical man was called. She … Continue reading Sarah Anne Swann – Child murderer

Mary Ann Hoey – Graceful Dancer

In Memory of Mary Ann Hoey 1844-1910 Graceful Dancer In the early 1840s, young Irishman James Hoey arrived in the Somerset village of Wedmore where he met and married a local girl, Maria. Around 1844, their first child, Mary Ann, was born. They moved to the city of Bristol soon after, then, in the mid … Continue reading Mary Ann Hoey – Graceful Dancer

Mary Ann Jones – Thief, Vagabond and Prostitute

Mary Ann Jones aged 44 years, a widow with one daughter. She had a colourful record of illegal activities under numerous aliases. Ann Jones also known as Ann Webb on the 18th December 1874, was fined 1shilling (s) and costs for drunk and disorderly. On the 30th October 1875 was found to be soliciting prostitution. … Continue reading Mary Ann Jones – Thief, Vagabond and Prostitute

Constance Emily Kent – Notorious Child Murderer

Constance Emily Kent (6 February 1844 – 10 April 1944) was an English woman who confessed to a notorious child murder that took place when she was 16 years old. Sometime during the night of 29 June and the morning of 30 June 1860, Francis "Saville" Kent, almost four years old, disappeared from his room … Continue reading Constance Emily Kent – Notorious Child Murderer

Clara Humphries Victorian child murderess

Clara Humphries aged 21years and 8 months, a domestic servant, was committed to prison for the attempted murder of her illegitimate child by strangulation in 1882. On the day in question she was observed by her mistress, Mrs Young, to be unwell, and was directed to go to bed. Mrs Young followed Clara and while … Continue reading Clara Humphries Victorian child murderess

Ben Reeves the scorned barber

Ben Reeves Prison number 3282 was convicted of murder and sentenced to life on January 24 1903. He was a barber by trade and was only 21 when incarcerated at Kansas State Penitentiary. He was just under 5ft 12 inches tall and weighing 170lbs when he entered the prison. Ben's mother had died by the … Continue reading Ben Reeves the scorned barber